The Wollaston Certificate in Theology

'Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord'.

 2 Peter 3: 18


Are you …

  • exploring your Christian faith?
  • teaching in an Anglican school?
  • interested in Christian scriptures?
  • keen to study theology but do not have a university degree?
  • aspiring to leadership in an Anglican school or agency?

The Wollaston Certificate in Theology


  • To provide basic theological and scriptural knowledge along with the skills to analyse and articulate that knowledge.
  • To facilitate and nurture pastoral care and religious education in Anglican schools in Western Australia.

The Certificate is an introductory academic course that allows students to explore foundational areas of Christian faith such as Biblical Studies, Doctrine and Church History, as well as offering a range of electives including Ethics and Liturgy. It is taught by academics and practitioners who are teaching, or have taught, at institutions around the world.

The Certificate comprises eight units: four core and four elective units.

Core units:

  • Introduction to Old Testament
  • Introduction to New Testament
  • Introduction to Christian Doctrine
  • Introduction to Church History

Elective units (choose up to four):

  • Liturgy
  • Introduction to Youth Ministry
  • Anglican Studies
  • Faith in Australian Society
  • Critical Thinking
  • Transforming Injustice
  • Spirituality
  • Ethics
  • Ecotheology

Other units may be offered on occasions.

Open to all, participants choose their level of commitment, ranging from the completion of all requirements of the eight units, to auditing as many units as desired.

Teachers either employed in the Anglican School sector or seeking employment in the sector are strongly encouraged to complete the Certificate.

Parishes and/or parishioners are encouraged to form study groups and complete units within their parish. We offer flexibility within study options.

Participants who successfully complete all requirements are awarded The Wollaston Certificate in Theology. While the material in this course is taught by academics who are teaching, or have taught, at universities around the world and is intellectually rigorous, the Certificate is a non-accredited course.


Introduction to the New Testament
In studying this unit, students will gain an overview of the historical development of the New Testament, as well as familiarity with the kinds of methods and approaches modern scholars of the Bible use to interpret these texts. The unit is taught by Dr Robert Myles, Senior Lecturer in New Testament at Wollaston Theological College.

Tuesday evenings; 12 October – 30 November (8 sessions)
Time: 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm
Venue: Wollaston Theological College, Mt Claremont
Cost: $150 for credit; $80 for audit

Faith in Australian Society 
In this unit, students will explore the shape of faith in modernity, with specific reference to the (arguably) increasingly secular modern nation of Australia. A number of different forms of faith, including Islam, Hinduism, and modern religious phenomena such as Pentecostalism and the Baha’i Faith, are also investigated. 

Thursday evenings; 14 October – 4 November (4 sessions)
Time: 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm
Venue: Wollaston Theological College, Mt Claremont
Cost: $120 for credit; $80 for audit

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