Supervised Theological Field Education (STFE)

Supervised Theological Field Education (STFE) enables Formation Candidates (those seeking discernment for ordained ministry in the Diocese of Perth) to integrate theological studies with practical pastoral ministry, facilitated through placements in parishes, schools and church agencies.  Candidates will experience a number of different placements during their time in formation. 

Supervised Theological Field Education is compulsory for Formation Candidates.  It is part-time, normally 4 hours per week in the first and last years of formation and 12 hours per week during the other years.  It operates during the university semesters.

Supervised Theological Field Education provides a structured learning environment.  A Learning Agreement is negotiated by the Candidate and their Supervisor who then meet regularly throughout the placement checking progress on the goals, focussing on the influence of theological reflection on pastoral ministry and how experience informs theological understanding.  A Field Committee, consisting of lay people from the parish, school or agency, also meets regularly with the Candidate to offer support and feedback regarding their ministry.

The Chaplain for Ministry is responsible for the Supervised Theological Field Education programme, arranging placements and assisting Supervisors and Field Committee members.