Education for Ministry (EfM)

EfM is a programme designed for all the people of the Church. Ministry here means a person’s life as a follower of Christ. It means being equipped to understand, share and reflect on our faith and to live our daily lives, being and doing what we are called to be and do.

EfM programme takes four years to complete, but commitment is for only one year at a time. It is all about adult learning. There are no assignments or marks! This is about participating, reading and learning to reflect theologically on the Scriptures and our experience of life.
The four years of EfM are: Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures), New Testament, Church History and Theological Choices.  The learning guides are supplied, and participants are required to purchase the required text books (one – three each year). This is a learning experience for people who are serious about deepening their faith and understanding.
EfM is a small group experience with no fewer than 5 and no more than 10 participants, plus an accredited mentor (or co-mentors).
EfM group meetings (seminars) are for 2.5 hours and a commitment of 32 weeks in a 12 monthly period.


EfM was introduced to the Perth Diocese in 1981 and groups have been operating in the diocese since then.  There is currently only one group, operating at Roleystone.  More mentors will be trained later in 2016 with a view to starting new groups in 2017.
To find out more about the EfM  please contact:
Perth Diocesan Co-ordinator: Fr Clive McCallum
Tel: 0409 112 079
Outside the Perth Diocese:
Fr Greg Davies 
EFM Australia - National Director
PO Box 325

Email: or
Tel: 03 5428 4038 or 0417 992 976