Weekend Programme

The Programme consists of four weekends per year for four years. There are four components to the weekend Programme, each covered over the course of each weekend:

Christian Spirituality and Spiritual Formation – participants are introduced to the practices of prayer, meditation, contemplation, Spiritual Disciplines, as much for enhancing personal practice as for providing guidance for others.

The Christian Spiritual Tradition – participants are invited to explore and engage with traditions from Scripture, the writings of early church, the desert and monastic traditions, the various great movements of the medieval period through to the present.

Process and Psycho-dynamics – this will provide skills and resources for understanding, personal growth and working with people, including deep structure listening skills, the Enneagram, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, values and their alignment and other insights into “how people tick”.

Spiritual Discernment and Spiritual Direction – participants are introduced to the theory and practice of Spiritual discernment and the several models of Spiritual Direction through lectures, practicum and case studies.

Dates for 2021:

Saturday 6 February

Saturday 6 March

Saturday 8 May

Saturday 26 June

Saturday 24 July

Saturday 7 August

Saturday 4 September

Saturday 23 October

Saturday 27 November

For further information about the Programme, please contact For further information, please contact The Venerable Michael Pennington, michael@mpenn.net or 0409 372 029.