Training in Ministry (TiM)

Training in Ministry (TiM) aims to promote the importance of professional development in clergy training. The programme is provided for those who are recently ordained and working in the Diocese of Perth.  Training in Ministry is compulsory and includes both deacons and priests.  Participants normally attend TiM for the first three years following ordination. 

The TiM programme facilitates collegiality across varied ministry settings – parish, school and church agency.  There is opportunity to share information and resources, and formal education sessions are provided.  Theological reflection on ministry builds on work begun in the Formation Programme undertaken prior to ordination.  TiM participants are encouraged to engage in their own professional development through planning sessions during the year.

Priests and deacons in the TiM programme have Field Committees in their place of ministry.  The Field Committee, consisting of lay people from the parish, school or agency, meets regularly with the deacon or priest to offer support and feedback regarding their ministry.

The Chaplain for Ministry is responsible for the Training in Ministry programme, planning the timetable, arranging visiting presenters and assisting Field Committee members.