What is theology?

Theology, from the Greek theos, God, and logos, word, means discourse about God.

Over time, systematic study of the Christian faith extended theology to include all aspects of Christian doctrine. Today, theology includes the study of scriptures, both Jewish and Christian (or the Old and New Testaments as Christians have called them); historical facts and developments; and the way in which Christian teachings (doctrines) are applied.


Can I study theology at Wollaston?

Yes, you can. The Archbishop of Perth’s Certificate in Theology is an academic course that includes areas of theology such as biblical studies, systematic theology and church history as well as offering a range of electives.

Open to all, you can choose your level of commitment, ranging from the completion of all requirements of the eight units, to auditing as many units as desired.

The Archbishop of Perth's Certificate in Theology


Can I study theology anywhere else in Perth?

Yes, you can. Murdoch University offers a range of courses in Theology. The Anglican Diocese of Perth is involved in all the theology courses at Murdoch University due to its membership of the Perth College of Divinity. The Perth College of Divinity is an interdenominational body that includes Wollaston Theological College and the Perth Theological Hall of the Uniting Church.

Theology courses at Murdoch University