Commissioning of the Reverend Patrick King as Vocations Advocate

141 Commissioning ServiceOn Tuesday 8th November, in the chapel at Wollaston College, members of the College community: Enquirers, Candidates in Formation, Board members, Examining Chaplains and staff, as well as clergy from around the Diocese and a handful of local parishioners, gathered for the commissioning of the Reverend Patrick King as the Vocations Advocate for the Diocese of Perth and to welcome him to the Diocese.

Having trained (like Wollaston) in Cambridge, Patrick was ordained in Salisbury Diocese in 2010, and having served as an Assistant Curate (Salisbury) and an Associate Priest (Oxford), he brings a variety of experience, enthusiasm and a capacity for ‘un-apologetic apologetics’, as well as a passion for the care of those in training, a heart for the difficulties they face, and a sense of what is required if they are to serve God’s people faithfully.  Furthermore, he is from a generation of ‘young ordinands’ and priests – one of the results, in some ways, of a deliberate intention begun by Rowan Williams when Archbishop of Canterbury to raise significantly the number of under 30s pursuing vocational formation in the Church of England.  With that in mind, Patrick also brings lived experience of the raising of ‘vocations consciousness’ among those in their 20s (and even earlier), and it is good that he will initiate a new form of engagement with young people in this Diocese – supported by the Anglican Children’s and Youth Ministry Commission, and in concert with the Anglican Schools Commission and the Western Australian Anglican Schools Association.

188 Commissioning ServiceWe give thanks that, in answer to God’s gracious call, Patrick brings all that he is and has to contribute to this vital ministry for God’s Church and people here at Wollaston, within Anglican Schools, and throughout the Diocese of Perth.  As this new ministry begins, we also give thanks to God, not only for the rich traditions of Anglican ministry, but the exciting possibilities this new ministry offers to encourage all of God’s people to explore the nature of their own calling and ministry, and seek to live that in whatever place God calls them.