Sudanese students enjoy theology


Thirty six members of the Sudanese community are still celebrating their participation in the first unit of The Archbishop of Perth’s Certificate in Theology – ‘Who is Jesus Christ?’. Presented by The Rev. Dr Gregory Seach, the community met each Saturday for six weeks. An excellent teacher, Gregory engaged them with his depth of knowledge and they enthusiastically responded to his invitation to ask questions. Their thirst for further understanding of theology and the bible was evident as, despite classes running for over three and a half hours, questions continued long after each session.

The Venerable Onesimo Yugusuk, who urged Wollaston to run this trial, gathered parish support and participants, never thinking that so many members of the community would take up the invitation. Each week, one parish provided morning tea and lunch, and their involvement shows the extent of support for such a course.

At the end of the final class, Onesimo indicated that the community was ‘deeply thankful to Wollaston Theological College’, adding, ‘some of the leaders who attended the training have never had any opportunity for theologJGF - 1ical training before, while others might have received Bible knowledge in the Refugees Camps without adequate training materials and support’.

The final class culminated with a celebration and the community was honoured to be joined by the Right Reverend Kate Wilmot. Bishop Kate spoke of her time as a priest in Malaga, praying with the Sudanese, standing on the ground where the Holy Trinity Church and Community Centre now stands. She acknowledged their commitment, the assistance from members of various parishes who prepared lunch each week, and the role of Wollaston Theological College. She then congratulated participants as they came forward to receive their certificates, many of them holding it up proudly for all to see.19

The course was incredibly successful and the final message from members of the Sudanese community to Gregory, Bishop Kate and Onesimo was, “We want more”!

The Archbishop of Perth’s Certificate in Theology is an academic course that introduces students to foundational areas of Theology, such as Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology and Church History. It will be fully implemented in 2017.